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Specialized Electricity

SU has completed several very different specialize electrical projects. These include construction lighting, building lighting, outdoor lighting including street lighting, trail lighting, parking lot lighting, highway tunnel lighting, sports field lighting, decorative lighting, traffic lights, vehicle detection system installation, pedestrian detection, cyclist detection, oversized sign work and any intelligent transportation system work.



Lighting - Specialized Electricity

SU has completed several lighting projects in various locations. Thanks to the many lighting solutions now available, you can spectacularly enhance your assets. The most famous being the Jacques-Cartier Bridge that connects Montréal to Longueuil. SU provided lighting for the following construction projects:

  • Building lighting
  • Public area lighting
  • Urban artery lighting
  • Architectural road structure lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting - Specialized Electricity

Outdoor lighting is an important element for user safety and city functionality. Outdoor lighting is also important for your business’s image and can allow you to increase your traffic. SU has been carrying out this type of work for decades, including the following categories:

  • Sports lighting
  • Trail and Park lighting
  • Highway tunnel lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Lighting with smart nodes

Traffic lights

Traffic lights

Traffic lights - Specialized Electricity

Traffic lights are important for road safety and traffic flow. Adequate and synchronized facilities that adapt to different times of day and users are essential. In this area,Systèmes Urbains can do the following work:

  • Traffic light installation and configuration
  • Intersection synchronization and programming
  • Existing light upgrades, LED lens installation
  • Existing intersection renovations
  • Loop detector and RTMS radar installation
  • Intelligent camera installation and calibration for managing traffic flown
  • Fibre-optic interconnection of controllers

Oversized Signs

Oversized Signs

Oversized Signs - Specialized Electricity

Oversized signs are very important for travel. Adequate signage facilitates travel and minimizes the risk of accidents.SU conducts the following work in this area:

  • New oversized sign gantry installation, including anchorage pillar and traffic signs
  • Existing road sign replacement and/or modification
  • Sign gantry renovation
  • Lineside signalling
  • Taxiway lighting

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems - Specialized Electricity

Intelligent transportation systems are a developing part of our road infrastructure. It is now possible to monitor the state of the road network in real time and to gather a lot of relevant strategic planning and maintenance information. In this area, SU can do the following types of work:

  • Install fibre optics and telecom cabinets
  • Install traffic cameras to monitor road traffic
  • Install weather stations
  • Install road weighing stations
  • Install road detection sites using loop detectors, RTMS radars or piezoelectric sensors
  • Install gantries with variable message sign (VMS)
  • Install gantries with detectors to automatically bill users
  • Systèmes urbains - Specialist Electrical Contractor

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