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Systèmes urbains

Specialist Electrical Contractor

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

SU is a specialized electrical contractor. We offer a multitude of electrical construction services in the following areas:

  • Electricity for civil engineering
  • Building electricity
  • Electricity for special projects

For several years, SU has proven its expertise and resourcefulness by participating in projects of various sizes, each one more unique than the last. Each project has its own challenges and characteristics. SU’s team will help you choose construction methods, develop schedules, and choose materials and suppliers to meet your expectations.

With more than 60 years of experience in electricity, Systèmes Urbains's team can offer innovative solutions for your projects. SU employees can complete your most complex projects within your schedules and budgets. With tools and methods adapted to the work, skilled and conscientious workers and experienced managers, SU knows how to overcome the challenges of modern project construction.

SU is a construction company and general contractor specializing in electricity. SU’s mission is to do quality work with the help of its partners, suppliers, subcontractors and employees. We aim to complete the work on time and within the specified budget. SU is a resilient, adaptable company. We offer services that are tailored to our customers’ needs and modern times.

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Systèmes urbains
Specialist Electrical Contractor

Systèmes urbains is recognized as a leader in its field. As a general contractor, Systèmes Urbains and its team specialize in lighting, airports, sports lighting, building electricity, street lighting, traffic lights, road signs, telecommunications, and underground pipelines.

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Systèmes urbains SU is entered in the register of companies authorized by the Autorité des Marchés Publics (AMP), the agency responsible for authorizing companies to procure public contracts.

Specialized Electricity

Lighting, traffic lights, road lighting, oversized signs, intelligent transport systems, telecommunication equipment and fibre optics …

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Building Electricity

Electricity for industrial, commercial, institutional buildings, facade lighting, fire alarms, electrical input, distribution, agribusiness...

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Special Projects

Wind power, train stations, airports, airstrips, line burial, refuelling, integration and instrumentation and control...

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SU Services

Systèmes urbains


Systèmes urbains Special projects

By its nature and highly specialized employees, SU carries out several special projects every year.

SU has the organizational structure and know-how to successfully complete projects with unusual constraints.


The lighting on the Jacques Cartier Bridge is a shining example of Systèmes Urbains’s expertise.

This work was carried out in the winter, at height and in extremely demanding weather.

Special Projects

SU has carried out airport work.

SU has distinguished itself from its competition through several other projects, including production plant expansions.

Special Projects

SU also has experience with wind turbine assembly and helicopter telecommunication work.