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Environnement Routier NRJ

In 2016, Systèmes Urbains joined Environnement Routier NRJ and took over the activities of Electric Renaissance. Since then, Systèmes Urbains has had extensive logistical and organizational resources and a fleet of equipment, not to mention NRJ’s extensive civil engineering expertise, which complements SU’s activities. Systèmes Urbains is constantly evolving and improving its diversified service offering. We love challenges, so do not hesitate to contact us for all your needs!


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New Identity

In 2012, the birth of Systèmes Urbains marked a revival and a new identity for the company, with new owners and new respondents. Most of the company’s employees came directly from Chagnon (1975) Ltd. and Systèmes Urbains’s success clearly rests on its specialization and continuously developing expertise.


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Systèmes Urbains was founded in 2012. Packed with experienced employees, Systèmes Urbains traces its origins to 1957, when André Chagnon founded Chagnon Electric. From its very beginning, Chagnon skillfully adapted to the market by diversifying its service offer and company ownership continuously passed down between six generations of employee-owners until 2011.

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